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  • Xenyum has invented creative solution using innovative technology to be tailored to many business categories.
  • We can say, that our solutions and products can fit to any environment, and we are proud presenting here three areas, where our Systems are in use:


The Xenyum DVR is a compact-sized digital recording system developed especially for the banking sector featuring application-specific software for banks.
Xenyum devices carry conviction in police analysis of recordings due to their extremely high picture quality, often the only way to identify those responsible.
Recorded pictures are accepted for evidential purposes in courts of law.

Shipping goods quickly from Paris to Tokyo is no longer a problem. International logistics companies make it easy. In logistics company warehouses a proportion of the goods held and dispatched are high value items. A variety of different parcel delivery companies and carriers collect the goods and deliver them to dealers or end-users. Unfortunately it is impossible to completely eliminate cases of damaged goods, loading errors or other kinds of loss.

  • Keeping a close eye on the goods
    Because of this, more and more transport companies are using modern CCTV systems from Xenyum to prevent problems.
  • Finding lost items
    When a loss (theft, damage, dispatch error) is reported then Xenyum’s management software establishes how and when the loss occurred from the package data. The search can be made according to a variety of criteria.



Xenyum cameras can display considerably more detail in shaded and very bright sections of a picture. The latest generation of high-resolution sensor technology also provides clear, high-contrast pictures without any blooming or smearing even in the most difficult lighting conditions. At service stations, customer number plates can be recognised reliably from vehicles approaching the camera even having their headlights on.
Xenyum DVR systems are offering excellent picture quality and being extremely reliable and user-friendly. Motion detection for all camera inputs can be integrated.

And should someone actually leave without paying, the relevant picture sequences can easily be sourced out on a CD and used in court.