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Xenyum garantees:

  • Implementation of a state-of-the-art video surveillance solution
  • Flexible and scalable expandability and adaptation to future requirements
  • Use of the most modern technologies available for networking, cameras and video technology
  • Use of the most advanced algorithms for picture processing and event analysis based upon them (CCTV video analysis systems)

Intelligent video analysis systems from Xenyum are especially suitable for outdoor applications. They can analyse relevant video pictures and, for example, identify a person moving in a certain direction within a certain area as suspicious and alert the management system.

  • CCTV keeps an eye on everything
    What is important for a retail solution is that it should be a highly visible installation using high resolution colour cameras with activity-related digital recording which will prevent most potential events before even they occur.
  • User-friendly monitoring of the whole shopping centre
    Xenyum has the right solution for monitoring complete shopping centres as well. The integration of different parts of the system is significant here.